The mission statement of our society is ”Grooming young minds and hearts as the pillar of advancement and hope of the future of a Nation”

Sree Krishna Education Society was founded by a philanthropist couple Sri N. Ramachandraiah and Smt. Marichannamma in the year 1974 with an aim and objective of providing general, professional and technical education and serve the upcoming generation on by providing proper education, which is considered as a very noble service.

The society endeavors to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful in the chosen field in whatever career a student may choose. The society aims at inculcating the values of hard work and discipline that leads sure roads towards success in the minds of the students. A team of service oriented individuals who aim at supporting these young minds to achieve their goal forms from the society. Our philosophy is to shoulder the responsibility ofputting our students in a wonderful atmosphere and provide them the required comforts. Our society is running many high schools and colleges at various places of Karnataka especially in rural areas providing free education to the poor and downtrodden students.

TUMKUR, it is well known for its scientific. cultural, & educational heritage which is just 69 km from Bangalore. It is situated on National highway 4,206 leading to Bombay, which is connected through bus & rail service.

The salubrious climate, the constant weather conditions, all round greenery and hills with calm & quite environment has made Tumkur an ideal place for learning which also has rich cultural background, heritage and positive disposition to the people from all over the world.

The college is situated in an ideal location along the 80ft ring road, leading to Mysore and is surrounded by various professional colleges. Classes are conducted in multistoried building with spacious, well ventilated digital class rooms.

Every department of the College is supported by well equipped laboratories in order to convert young mind to a valuable citizen of the society. The role of a teacher, a nurse, or a pharmacist in today’s world is vital & indispensable.

By creating accurate “Technical Profiles” a remarkable academic performance arises. See to it that you are the best and you will find you have the best. The value of study is not that teacher produces student, but that student produces teachers